Safety Wear, Waterloo, ON Posted by SouthPawCanada March 31st, 2020

Safety Wear, Waterloo, ON

At South Paw Canada, we offer safety wear for all types of industries.

Safety Wear in Waterloo, Ontario
When you provide apparel for your employees, it may be important to make sure this apparel adds safety and protection as they work. For example, on a construction site, safety wear often includes a brightly colored vest, proper eye and head protection, and heavy-duty footwear that would protect the employees’ feet if something were to fall or if they stepped on something sharp. In food service, safety wear might include non-slip shoes that allow the server to move around freely without sliding on a wet floor.

One way to help your employees look like part of the team is to provide branded safety wear with your company logo. When you offer these apparel or protective gear options to your employees, they don’t have to spend money on the items themselves, which can help them feel more satisfied with their jobs and loyal to your company. Additionally, having employees wear branded gear will get your logo out there and make it obvious who belongs in the workplace or on the jobsite.

At South Paw Canada, we offer safety wear for all types of industries. If you’re not sure what type of apparel or gear would be best in your workplace, don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our team. We have worked with a variety of clients and know what the needs are in today’s workforce. Our team members work closely with customers in and around Waterloo, Ontario. Some of our products are also available with rush turnaround times, ensuring that you can properly outfit your new hires in the proper safety wear.



At South Paw Canada, we offer safety wear in Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Kitchener, Port Elgin, Orillia, Muskoka, Bracebridge, Waterloo, Collingwood, Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores, Ontario and the surrounding areas.