Three Advantages of Custom Embroidery on Your Golf Polos

When you are planning to have golf polos available for your upcoming corporate golf tournament, you may be thinking about how to make sure the logo you add to your apparel stays in good shape. If you have previously screen printed your logos, but are looking for something longer-lasting, you may find that custom embroidery is a great choice. Here are a few advantages of custom embroidery for your golf polos and other promotional apparel:


  1. Quality – One of the benefits of custom embroidery over screen printing is the quality of the logo application. While screen printing can be a beautiful addition, custom embroidery comes in a variety of colours and options that will truly make your golf polos stand out.
  2. Durability – Custom embroidery is also great because of its durability. Using high-quality thread to add your branding and logo to golf polos makes it easy to maintain the quality of the branding you add to these shirts.
  3. Re-Usable – Your employees will enjoy having golf polos they can wear again and again after your corporate golf tournament is complete. They also make a great corporate gift for teams and individual players.

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