How to Choose Products for Company Branding

How do you share your company branding with your customers? In a lot of ways! You probably have it on signs, on your website, on social media, on thank you notes, in emails, and many other ways. Each time you use your company branding it is important to get it right, so it helps you tell a consistent story about your organization. Here are a few ways you can intelligently choose products to help you reinforce your company branding:

product options for your company branding

  • Follow a theme. Choosing a theme is a useful way to help direct your ideas and make a decision about what kind of branding products to purchase. You can choose a theme based on an event, season, or your product itself. For example, you can give away sunglasses in summer or you can choose water bottles for a sporting event.
  • Consider style. Is your organization high end, or do you cater to a down-to-earth style? Think about the elements of your brand’s “personality.” It wouldn’t make sense to give away crystal goblets at a hoedown and it would be strange to distribute paper cups at a five-star restaurant. Be sure to choose products that match your brand style.
  • Plan for visibility. You want to make sure that you choose an item that lets your logo shine. You want to make it look good, so it needs to be visible. Make sure to choose colours that contrast enough so that your logo is easy to see. Also, if your logo is complex, avoid shrinking it down for very small items.

Curious about product options for your company branding? Contact us for ideas! We would love to help you choose the next branding item for your company.