Cost-Effective Tradeshow Gifts Everyone Will Want

Tradeshows are great for advertising, marketing, and one-on-one customer interaction. Oftentimes, you can gain a lot of business in a short amount of time with a successful tradeshow. Tradeshow gifts are something that has become an important part of any tradeshow since they give you the chance to get your brand, name or logo directly into the customer’s hand. Additionally, if you use quality names like Under Armour, Columbia, Roots, Puma, Nike and New Era, you have a good chance that they’ll use and keep your tradeshow gifts. If you’re looking for more cost-effective gifts, here are a few ideas that everyone would enjoy.

Cost-Effective Tradeshow Gifts

  • Tech items– Everyone these days has a cell phone, so things cell phone-related have the potential to be great tradeshow gifts. Things like cell phone wallets, smart phone card holder, phone covers, portable USB batteries and USB charges are all great options.
  • Weather appropriate items– If the weather is warm outside, stick to sunscreen sticks, sunglasses or hats. If it’s getting cold, go for gloves, beanies or hand warmers.
  • Tradeshow-specific items– Think about what people will want during their tradeshow that they may have forgotten. Items like small packs of breath mints, gum, lip balm, or hand sanitizer are things they’ll appreciate and most likely use over the course of the tradeshow.

All of these items can be made in bulk with your name and/or logo on them for distribution, giving you the chance for your logo to be seen many times.  For more information about successful trade show gift ideas we have seen here at South Paw Canada, give us a call today!