How to Design Branded Team Uniforms

We see brand symbols throughout our lives. This is how we recognize products, such as a can of Coca-Cola, a box of Tim Hortons donuts, or a Louis Vuitton bag. They are recognizable at a glance because of their unique and memorable brand designs. But it is not only large corporations that use branding —sports teams need branding, too!

branded team uniforms

There are few places where recognition is more important than in quick-moving sports. Whether your team plays soccer or hockey, each member must be identified easily to fellow team members and the spectators and referees. Uniforms make this easy.

It is important to order branded team uniforms before the season begins. There are several ways to make team uniforms unique and memorable:

  • Add a Logo: Artwork depicting a team name, mascot, or other symbol is an important way to brand a team and show team spirit.
  • Choose a Colour: You should choose a colour that complements the logo and is consistent with the rest of the brand. For example, if your team mascot is a flamingo, pink would be a great choice of colour. However, black may be less intuitive.
  • View a Proof: Before completing a design, you can work with a vendor to get an idea of what your logo will look like on team uniforms.

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to complete your design and purchase awesome team uniforms! If you have questions about putting together uniforms for your team, contact us. We would be happy to help!