Designing Your Staff’s Work UniformsThe work uniforms your employees are required to wear can be a great way to make your business look and feel more professional. When clients come to your location, they want to observe a sense of order and professionalism, and this can be accomplished in the uniforms your employees wear. However, when you design your company’s work uniforms, there are five things you should consider.

  1. Style. Make sure the style of your work uniforms matches the atmosphere of your business. For example, if you ran a formal restaurant, you would want your employees to wear button-down shirts, as opposed to t-shirts.
  2. Images. Choose imagery for the uniforms that is clean and simple, like adorning the shirts with your company’s logo.
  3. Text. While putting a carefully-selected graphic on your company’s uniforms is beneficial, the look is not complete without your business’ name. For more impact, consider adding a short slogan to the uniforms, as well.
  4. Colour. Colour can be powerful. Pick a colour for your company’s work uniforms that reflects your business’ goals. For example, the colours red and orange promote excitement, while the colour green is associated with eco-friendly practices.
  5. Function. When designing your uniforms, always think about what your employees will be doing when they wear them. For example, if your staff works outdoors, you would want a non-fading fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps your employees dry and cool or warm and dry, depending on the season.

By following these five guidelines when designing your work uniforms, you will create a look that is functional, professional, and beneficial for your business and employees.


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