Great Tips for Branded Gear at Tradeshows

It can be difficult to set your organization apart from the competition. This is true in many areas of business. It is also true at tradeshows! With so many organizations clustered together in a tight space, it is difficult to make your brand memorable.

customers at tradeshows

One of the best ways to cut through the noise is to make your brand recognizable is through the gear your give to customers at tradeshows. Here are some strategies we recommend to help your branded gear make a mark at any tradeshow.

  • Have a variety: It is important to think carefully about what you want to distribute to customers. It is a good idea to have smaller, less expensive items to give out freely. This helps more people see your logo and recognize your brand. You may also want to have some larger, specialty items to give away to promising potential customers.
  • Run a contest: One way to leverage your giveaways is to run a contest. A contest does not have to be complex to be effective. Having something as simple as a prize wheel for customers to spin can make them excited and determine which prizes they win.
  • Give away a prize: You may also wish to collect customer information for a prize giveaway. You can save premium items to give away as a sought-after prize. The scarcity of these premium items helps create demand and encourages potential customers to participate. When they share their information, you generate leads!

Having quality branded gear is a must for tradeshow success. What will your next piece of branded gear be?