How to Have a Successful Tradeshow

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to get your brand out there, gain recognition, and even sell some products, depending on your business. If you have ever walked away from a tradeshow feeling like it wasn’t successful or that you didn’t reach your goal, you’re not alone. At South Paw Canada, we have come up with a few tips that can help you have a successful tradeshow.

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to get your brand out there

  • Know your audience. This is key for a successful tradeshow. Are you going to be dealing with a younger generation or people who are more established? Customize your promotional items to the crowd you’ll be dealing with in order to get better results.
  • Choose a goal. A goal is just a dream with a deadline! Having goals for your tradeshow can make it more entertaining and more effective as well. Whether you make yourself a little goal for each hour of the trade show or one for the overall show, you will have something to work towards.
  • Be creative. Pens are a great promotional item. People use them and look at them all the time. However, if you have something that is not what everyone else is giving out, you can gain some recognition with your creativity. Focus on items that people will use often. Things like socks, hats, cell phone covers, or can cozies are all things that can be handed out and used again.
  • Balance quality and quantity. Getting some quality branding out there with brand name items like Under Armour, Columbia, Roots, Puma, Nike and New Era as well as less expensive items can ensure that your clients will hold onto their items rather than discard them.

For more tips on tradeshows and promotional items, give us a call here at South Paw Canada today.