Make Swag Special with Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing in Toronto, ON

Custom Embroidery & Screen PrintingThanks to modern technology, Southern Ontario businesses now have great ways to make all those promotional items (or “swag”) even more special. When custom embroidery could only be accomplished by hand, it took a long time and many labour hours and was quite costly. Today it is done in a flash and is thus a great, inexpensive way to make products truly special. Screen printing is another way to attach your business name or logo onto fabric or other items quickly and easily.

Here are just a few swag items that can be made even better with custom embroidery or screen printing:

  • T-Shirts or Polo Shirts – Businesses can give t-shirts or polo shirts to their employees or even hand them out to customers and vendors in order to spread awareness about the company. Attaching the company logo on the shirt with custom embroidery or screen printing adds a quality impression of the company.
  • Other Apparel – Custom embroidery is not just for shirts. It can also be added to jackets, hats, jerseys, uniforms, bags, and other apparel items. Many of these items can be used as client appreciation or employee appreciation gifts, or can be given out as swag at tradeshows or other special events
  • Tradeshow Promotional Items – Looking for a special touch for your tradeshow swag items? While you may only be able to afford to give everyone who stops by your booth a pen or notepad, there are some times when a higher-end product could be the perfect way to differentiate your company from your competition at the show. A few swag items with custom embroidery or screen printing could be used as door prizes or raffle items in order to get attendees to fill out info sheets or watch a demo of your product.

A promotional products supplier like South Paw Canada will be glad to show your company the many ways in which custom embroidery and screen printing can be used to promote your business.