If you have an upcoming tradeshow, you may be considering your options when it comes to drawing in potential customers, displaying your products and ensuring that you have a great turnout. While it may be easy to try to rely on the tradeshow organizers to have a good crowd, there are in fact things you can do for tradeshow traffic builders that will give you better success. Here are a few simple tips:

1.  Pre-Planning – This may seem like an obvious answer, but knowing where your booth sits, who your neighbours will be and how you’d like to keep a constant flow of traffic will only help you once you arrive. Knowing that some of your booth neighbours may be in direct competition with you makes pre-planning even more critical before tradeshow day.

2.  Offer Incentives – This tip has two parts: Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your tradeshow traffic builders are geared toward your target audience. That means you want to have an interactive display, promotional gifts for your potential customers, or any other incentive that makes them want to come back for more. Secondly, you want to be selective about the incentives that you offer. While a raffle may sound easier, in reality, starting a conversation will lead to greater ROI.

3.  Take Action – Speaking of starting a conversation, you’ll want to take action when it comes to tradeshow traffic builders. Instead of simply hoping that someone will stop by your booth, asking leading questions or inviting people to play a game to learn about your product will lead to greater interest at your booth. Don’t be shy about engaging with your target audience!

4.  Dress the Part – If you are sending a team to the next tradeshow, having them look their best will make an impression. Whether they have a team uniform or are expected to wear business dress, your customers will see the difference and your team will feel more confident when they look the part.

At South Paw Canada, we are equipped to help make your tradeshow a success with a great variety of promotional gifts and team uniform options, as well as branded promotional products to help you get your name out there. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making your next show a success!