Using Tradeshows to Raise Awareness for Your Toronto, ON Business

Tradeshows can be an excellent way to reach new customers and raise awareness about your company. The keys are choosing the right tradeshows to attend and having a booth that intrigues show attendees to stop for a few moments. One must understand the objective when considering which tradeshows to attend and how to set up and supply the booth.

If the objective is to get as many eyes on your company name as possible, then choosing tradeshows that have a huge turnout is advisable. A company that sells any kind of food product can especially benefit from huge turnouts, since everyone loves to sample food regardless of what type of tradeshow it is. Vendors that provide home maintenance and repair services can do well when they hand out useful promotional products with their name and contact information. They often work with a promotional products supplier like South Paw Canada to get tradeshow “swag” items such as touch screen cloths, stylus pens, reusable tote bags, USB car chargers,  hand sanitizer, lip blam or mints.

On the other hand if you want to best reach your target customer, then a tradeshow must be designed for the particular industry you are part of. If you sell fishing poles, then a craft show probably won’t be much help. A company that sells flooring will do best at a home and garden tradeshow. These types of tradeshow vendors should also work with a promotional products supplier to create products they can hand out in order to keep their name in front of the customers after they leave the show. In this case, since they often have competitors under the same roof, they will benefit from having products that are unique, as attendees will ultimately grab the swag that catches their attention most.

Some products are generic enough that you may be able to find customers at almost any kind of tradeshow venue.  When exhibiting at tradeshows in Toronto, Barrie, Owen Sound, Collingwood or Muskoka, communicate with your promotional products supplier as to what your goal is so that they can best advise you on swag, banners and other materials to make your booth the best it can be!