South Paw Canada is Your Spyder Headquarters Posted by SouthPawCanada August 30th, 2017

South Paw Canada is Your Spyder Headquarters

South Paw Canada is THRILLED to be adding Spyder to the list of prestigious retail brands that we currently offer. Spyder is one of the hottest names in the ski and snowboard apparel industry. They offer a huge selection of fashion-forward insulated ski and board jackets and ski pants, as well as accessories, such as gloves and headwear.  Their high-end, weather-resistant apparel leaves nothing to be desired, crafting all their garments from all the finest quality materials and making sure their products are nothing short of luxurious. Spyder makes sure every piece they design hits all the marks in terms of functionality and design. Almost all of their ski and board apparel is lightweight, waterproof and breathable. Spyder is also a partner with Pertex® who only offers their industry-leading fabrics to the most elite brand names. Previously, Spyder was a name only available on a retail level, but they have just recently embarked on a journey in the corporate distribution world, and it’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome them at the forefront of our lineup.

Be sure to visit the Spyder Retail Store and the Spyder Corporate Store to see this brand’s great selection.